The Candid Kit

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The Candid Kit is designed to keep you safe and empowered. Items in the kit include:

1 – 100 ml Spray Hand & Surface SANITIZER made with 75% Isopropyl alcohol, choice of scented or unscented
1 – Pair of reusable latex GLOVES for maximum protection against bacteria, viruses, and pathogens
OR  3 – Pairs of disposable nitrile GLOVES that function well if you have a latex allergy.
1 – Pre-washed, steam-sterilized cotton face MASK (hand wash up to 50 times) with care instructions
2 – 5-layer carbon PARTICULATE FILTERS
1 – Adjustable NOSE BRIDGE
1 – Convenient ZIP POUCH

Sharing masks and gloves is ill-advised as they are hygienic items.


  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Blue
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Our soft cotton MASK is washable and comes with an AIR FILTER for easy breathing and a 5-layer carbon PARTICULATE FILTER to block harmful dust, debris and bacteria. You can wear your mask right side-up or up-side down and attach the adhesive nosebridge on whichever side conforms to your face type for a snug fit. The ear loops come with soft rubber toggles to help adjust your mask. We’ve also included an EAR SAVER to prevent ear ache from continuous use. You can snap the EAR SAVER to any size and loop behind your neck for comfort wearing.

In the kit, you can can choose reusable Latex or disposable nitrile GLOVES in Small, Medium, Large. Only Latex GLOVES come in XS.

Our spray SANITIZER comes in unscented, rose, bergamot and peppermint scents. For best results, spray on hands and rub for 30 seconds. Our spray is multipurpose and you can use it  to sanitize surfaces like your steering wheel or grocery bags when you return home from your errands. We use the highest standards for ingredients. Medicinal ingredients in the spray include 75% Isopropanol. Our hand sanitizer is Health Canada approved, manufactured and distributed by us.

THE CANDID KIT comes in a convenient zip pouch to keep your mask and gloves clean inside the car, your purse or backpack.

Additional information

Weight 0.1625 lbs
Dimensions 280 × 200 × 50 mm
Select Glove Type + Colour

Black Latex, Blue Nitrile, White Nitrile, Pink Nitrile, Black Nitrile

Select Glove Size

XS, S, M, L

Select Mask Colour

Black, Burgundy, Blue

Select Scent

Bergamot, Peppermint, Rose, Unscented

7 reviews for The Candid Kit

  1. clara.gharibo

    I am really pleased with my Candid Kit. It is really important that as a school and dance teacher I have proper PPE and this kit has me covered. I really appreciate the reusable packaging and that both the mask and gloves are reusable. The sanitizer has a pleasant smell and does not feel harsh on my skin. It is also in a convenient spray bottle so I can sanitize surfaces as well. The mini mobile fan is a nice touch and much appreciated on these hot summer days. Everything in the kit is of great quality and reliable. The kit also comes with instructions for how to wear and care for your mask. I highly recommend this product for all of your PPE needs!

  2. Siya

    I was so happy to receive my candid kit. So many PPE items with good quality and perfect to take around with you on the go. I highly recommend it!

  3. Marya (verified owner)

    This kit was great for when I had to take a long haul flight for a family emergency. The sanitizer spray and gloves made it easy for me to sanitize surfaces and stay safe both in the airport and on the plane. The mask was so comfortable and soft, it was easy to wear throughout my 13 hr flight. It also has a very snug fit thanks to the nose bridge so my glasses did not fog up at all. Especially appreciated all the care instructions as well.

  4. Mindful & Moody

    I have been loving my Candid Kit! The hand sanitizer smells amazing. The mask also does not fog up my glasses, which I love! The paper soaps have been very useful since everything is opening up and sometimes the bathrooms do not have soap. The Candid team has amazing customer service and you would not be disappointed. I highly recommend getting this box.

  5. Woody (verified owner)

    The candid kit is one stop for everything you need to keep safe. The mask is comfortable and wearable long term. The hand sanitizer is non-drying and can work for surfaces as well (I’ll be buying in the larger volumes, it’s really the best sanitizer I’ve used). It even comes with useful instructions on how to stay safe. And while you’re not buying the kit for the packaging, it comes beautifully put together, and would make for a stylish and practical gift. Very highly recommended, as components or in the kit.

  6. Kay-Ann Evans (verified owner)

    I started my candid kit journey by purchasing one for my son who is asthmatic. He loved how it allowed him to breath easier and the carry pouch that was easy to port around in his knapsack. The entire kit is packaged simply but with all the necessities you need during these unprecedented times! My partner was impressed with the kit and asked me to get one for his mother. We are now hooked on the Candid clean product line. We have just ordered 6 masks (the pack of 3) for ourselves and my partner’s teen daughter for school in the fall. Good quality products which I highly recommend!

  7. Aida Awan (verified owner)

    Loved our Candid Kit. The sanitizer smells great unlike the ones I got from other stores. We have our carry pouches in the car always ready to go. We’ve now stocked up for school and bought several for other family members. The masks are so soft and easy to take care of. We’ll be writing our kids names inside so there is no confusion at school. The little soap sheets are amazing. No more nasty smelling soap from public washrooms; the soap is great on our hands and easy to use anywhere (especially once you’ve had multiple sanitizer applications when moving from store to store). Comes super handy.. great job with all products.. really well thought out!

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