Candid. Kid!


Candid. Kid! is an on-the-go Kit for children and youth ages 6 and 16. Items in the kit include:
1 – Spray hand sanitizer – unscented – 100ml
1 – Pre-washed, steam-sterilized cotton face mask (hand wash up to 50 times) with care instructions
1 – 5-layer carbon PARTICULATE FILTERS
1 – Adjustable NOSE BRIDGE
1 –  Adjustable EAR SAVER
1 – Convenient ZIP POUCH with NAME TAG (put in Notes)
Sharing masks is ill-advised as they are hygienic items.



Our soft cotton MASK is washable and comes with a BREATHING VALVE and a 5-layer carbon PARTICULATE FILTER to block harmful dust, debris and bacteria. Your child can wear the mask right side-up or up-side down and attach the adhesive nosebridge on whichever side conforms to your face type for a snug fit. The ear loops come with soft rubber toggles to help adjust your mask. We’ve also included an EAR SAVER to prevent ear ache from continuous use. You can snap the EAR SAVER to any size and loop behind your neck for comfort wearing.

Our Kid spray SANITIZER is unscented. For best results, spray on hands and rub for 30 seconds. Kids can use before / after recess and on the backpack straps and other items to keep them protected. We use the highest standards for ingredients. Medicinal ingredients in the spray include 75% Isopropanol. Our hand sanitizer is Health Canada approved, manufactured and distributed by us.

CANDID. KID! comes in a convenient zip pouch to prevent contact with other items in backpacks.  A customized name tag on the kit keeps items separate for kids in the same class!

Pair up with paper soap or ear saver headband to stay safe and clean!

Additional information

Weight 0.1625 lbs
Dimensions 280 × 200 × 50 mm
Choose Mask Colour

Red, Black, Blue, Grey


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