Candid Clean started out as an idea among friends. We wanted to manufacture hand sanitizers during the pandemic in mid-March 2020. Since then, we have ventured into additional personal protective equipment (PPE) spaces such as gloves, face masks, shields, and hospital gowns. The main theme throughout this journey has been to ensure proper testing of each product we import, manufacture and sell – which we felt has not been the priority of other PPE startup businesses. Our persistent testing – although costly and time consuming has allowed us to work along side hospitals and front-line workers by providing them with PPE in our current shortage. Now as June 2020 rolls around we’re ready to provide our perfected products to consumers!

We’ve learned many lessons along the way and hope to update you soon on our on-going journey. Until then, stay safe and be sure you are using properly tested PPE.

– The Candid Clean Team